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05.12.2016 08:27

Club News

  • MGC Golf Shop Volunteers wanted

    Weekday / Weekend Positions

    The start of the 2016 golf season is fast approaching which means we will need volunteers to assist with work in the Golf Shop.

    WEEKDAY POSITIONS - Monday to Friday between 4pm and 6pm.
    WEEKEND POSITIONS - Saturday and Sunday - 5 hours each day.

    The positions are flexible in that you can volunteer for as many days as you want to.

    Training will be given by MGC Golf Shop Manager, David Anderson.

    For further information please have a chat with David in the Golf Shop or please give him a call on 01259 781493, or send him an e-mail

    It's one way of getting to meet new members and/or putting faces to the names of existing members.



    1st to 28th February : 8.30 am - 3.00pm

    29th February to 27th March : 8.00am - 5.00pm

  • iSplash Competition

    Presentation of Prizes

    bigpicHere is Tony Herdman collecting his prizes for winning the recent Isplash contest. We're hoping that the weather improves so that Val Dolton can collect her prize as she was runner up. Here's Tony's winning entry:

    (With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

    Said the Westie to the Labrador: “Let’s go and play a round.
    Young David in the Pro Shop will advise us I’ll be bound.
    He’s told us there are Poodles lying doggo on the ground –
    But they’re not the type of member that we like to have around”.

    Said the Labrador: “My dear Dougal with you I must agree,
    A Poodle on the fairway is not something one should see.
    They might be just acceptable if they found balls like me,
    But a Poodle on a putting green would be a tragedy.”

    “Why Dexter” said the Westie, “it is typical of you
    To cogitate the matter and then state your point of view.
    But here’s another line of thought which I believe is true:
    A Poodle may be bad but what if it were a Shih Tzu?”

    “At least a Shih Tzu is a dog” said Dexter with a sneer,
    “I’m told that David has insisted cats are in this year!
    I can’t believe he go so far – things will get worse I fear,
    The last thing Muckhart ever needs is having Cheetahs here.”