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Muckhart Golf Club


Course is currently Open

All courses are open, Cowden still recovering from recent works.

23.05.2016 09:16

Club News

  • Ladies Daily Mail

    Tuesday 31st May 2016

    Click HERE for draw

  • SENIOR GENTS - Simpson Trophy Rd2


    Senior Handicaps.

    08:04  R Dalton T Cragg D Lorenz
    08:12  R Wilson G McPherson B Ross
    08:20  B Kotchie W Bissell A Hetherington
    08:28  J Cowan F Stirling S Leitch
    08.36  G Greenoak A Clark G White
    08.44  A McBay C Leatherby D Reid
    08.52  K Bibby C Taylor D Nelson
    09.00  H Adams K Shandley S Fraquharson
    09.08  J Easton D Kennedy

  • Captains Day

    SATURDAY 28th May 2016

    Please CLICK here to read the draw.



    Please CLICK here to read the draw