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All courses are open, Cowden still recovering from recent works.

23.05.2016 09:16

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    Results - Sunday 30 August

    Finals Day was played in glorious weather and was an exciting day for both players and spectators. Thanks to Andy Crichton and his team for organising this special day and for all their hard work throughout the season. Results were :

    James Barrett v Neil MacDonald
    Winner : James Barrett
    James was 1 up after 18. All level after 36 holes. The game went to sudden death and James won on the 37th hole.

    Laura Walker v Christine Laing
    Winner : Laura Walker

    RABBITS FOOT (Gents 17 plus handicap)
    Andrew Smith v Drew Page
    Winner : Andrew Smith

    NAEMOOR TROPHY: (Gents Senior)
    Jack Cullen v Alex Reid
    Winner : Jack Cullen

    THISTLE TROPHY: (Gents Handicap)
    Danny Gallagher v Paul Lusby
    Winner : Danny Gallagher at 19th

    Deborah Rettie v Eileen Black
    Winner : Deborah Rettie

    Frank Lindin & Kath Stewart v Alan Bruce & Alex Glaister
    Winners : Frank Lindin & Kath Stewart


    No extensions will be granted

    All members who enter these competitions MUST be committed to achieving the required deadline dates. All entrants need to be proactive. Contact numbers are on draw sheets in locker room.

    The first name drawn will be the challenger who has prime responsibility for arranging dates. He must provide at least 3 dates in advance of the cut off date, at least one of which must be a week end.

    The second name, the challenged, should be prepared to accept at least one of the dates proposed. If none are convenient then the two should agree a mutually acceptable date, preferably well before the deadline. Although the challenger has the prime responsibility for arranging the dates, sitting back and waiting for a challenge in the belief that the tie will be forfeited if none is forthcoming is not acceptable behaviour.

    If no satisfactory outcome can be reached the contestants should seek advice from the M&H Secretary. This has to happen at least 1 week before the deadline.

    If there is reason to believe that neither party has made sufficient effort to arrange the tie or resolve the deadlock, both contestants will be excluded from the next round and their prospective opponent(s) given a bye.

    All matches must be played on the designated course of the day.

    Should it be necessary to suspend play due to adverse weather or some other justifiable cause, play must resume from the point at which play was suspended (R&A Rule 6-8 applies).

    A match which finishes all square shall be decided by sudden death with play resuming from the first hole with strokes applying as for the first 18 holes.