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Course is currently Closed

Friday 19th January: All courses and Clubhouse will be closed over the weekend due to snow. Send any enquiries to For course status message. Phone 01259 781423

19.01.2018 15:52

  • Matchplay Competitions

    How do I enter?

    Please CLICK here to read the instructions on how to enter matchplay gents and mixed competitions (not for ladies as they enter via the poster in the locker room).


    How do I record my Away Score for Muckhart GC records?

    Please CLICK here for the form. Please print the form and complete it before dropping it into the box alongside the computer.



    QUESTION: How can I top-up the balance of my MGC loyalty card account?
    ANSWER: Present your MGC loyalty card at the bar with your credit card, debit card, a cheque or cash for the amount of your desired top-up (CASH is preferred).

    QUESTION: How do I find out what my balance is on my loyalty card account?
    ANSWER: You can:

    • Look at your receipt after making a purchase at the bar. This gives details of your latest purchase, your member's discount and your remaining balance.


    • If the touch screen in the foyer to the lounge is switched on (orange symbol displayed):

    o tap the screen (to waken it up)
    o the screen will ask for a name to be typed or a card to be swiped

    • Swipe your loyalty card, magnetic strip 'wall side and away from you'.
    • You will then be given several options.
    • Select Accounts and tap View Transactions.
    • You can scroll up/down to view all your transactions (and winnings from Gents and Mixed competitions).

    Note :
    • If you swipe your card, you WILL see your financial details.
    • If you type in your name you will NOT be able to see this confidential information.